Emy Cordano

Top 30 Matrimonial and Family Law
Attorney at Law
6465 South 3000 East
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Salt Lake City, UT 84121
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When it comes to family law, there is no substitute for experience. For nearly two decades, I have utilized an aggressive and compassionate approach to protect the rights of each client and to look out for their best interests. Unlike most Salt Lake City divorce attorneys, I am one of the few female lawyers to run my own law firm. The majority of divorce lawyers simply provide legal representation and counsel. I can do so much more. Not only do I focus on protecting the rights and interests of each client during a case, I also place a high priority on preparing clients for life after a divorce. I typically represent high-end clients and can provide services not found at most Salt Lake City family law firms, including private investigator service, modifications, military divorces, mediation and much more. But you do not have to be wealthy to receive the best possible legal representation.

Like many of my clients, I have also experienced the emotional pain, stress and financial hardships that comes with a divorce. I understand your perspective. I am fully prepared to provide comprehensive legal representation to help you achieve the best results. It is critical to have a Salt Lake City family law attorney on your side. There are no winners when it comes to divorce. But there certainly are losers. Choosing the right attorney can often make the difference between protecting your assets and the rights to your children or losing much of what you have rightfully earned. In addition to divorce, I can also provide the following family law services in Salt Lake City:

-Child Custody

-Family Law


-Private Investigators


-Guardianship Attorney

-Paternity Attorney

-Prenuptial Agreements

Born in South Africa, I have traveled the world and enjoy seeking adventure, while also helping those in need. My passion for family law began with my divorce. During that time, I experienced the impact a poorly-equipped divorce attorney can have on a person’s life. From that point, I became determined to study law and eventually help others avoid the pitfalls I had experienced. I have become deeply rooted in the Salt Lake City community and support a variety of causes both locally and internationally. I have also represented clients throughout Utah, including Provo, Ogden, Park City and Sandy.

What makes me different from other Salt Lake City family law attorneys is my passion and drive. It is an approach that I apply to all my cases. I am a self-made woman who believes in the value of hard work and helping others achieve success. When I am not practicing family law, I spend time outdoors, enjoying motorsports and living life at more than 100 miles per hour. Fear is not a part of my DNA. When selecting a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer, it is important to have representation from a legal professional that will give maximum effort to put each client in the best position to succeed. Choose the Salt Lake City family attorney that is committed to fight for you.