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American Immigration Council demands Trump family separation policies

ICE agents immigration

The Trump administration’s plans around family separation and reunification of separated family members have been hidden from the public and Freedom of Information Act requests for information about their policies and procedures have gone unanswered. In response, the American Immigration … Continue reading

Exposing fake immigration lawyers

immigration and crime

People posing as immigration lawyers are nothing new, and neither are efforts to expose them. But it’s hard to catch and expose those fakes, according to an article at Salon and Reveal. Part of the problem is that victims of … Continue reading

American Immigration Council’s Statement on Trump’s Executive Order on Family Separation

Mexico map

President Donald Trump signed an executive order today to try to stem criticism of his family separation policy. He has offered an unacceptable alternative: imprisoning mothers and fathers with their children. The president is also asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to … Continue reading

Video: Sessions admits separating migrant children is deterrant

While some members of the Trump administration have denied that separating migrant children from their parents at the US-Mexico border is part of a bargaining strategy, Attorney General Jeff Sessions says the policy is being used as a deterrent. Sessions’ … Continue reading

Sessions’ decision on immigrant asylum harshly criticized

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he is taking away a vital lifeline to immigrant victims of severe domestic and gang violence. Sessions issued a decision unilaterally overruling important precedent recognizing that such individuals may qualify for asylum in the … Continue reading

Podcast: Diary of a part-time special ed lawyer


Being a lawyer can sometimes seem like an all-consuming obsession, but for those with responsibilities outside the law office, working part-time can help solve some of those struggles. In this podcast from the Legal Talk Network, Caitlin Peterson talks to … Continue reading

4 things not to do after getting an inheritance

After an estate is settled, many people aren’t sure what to do if they receive an inheritance. There’s paperwork to fill out regarding legal and financial issues, and a lot of people may put off making difficult decisions so soon … Continue reading

Who gets the dog in the divorce?


When marriages fail, two people who were once in love can find themselves skirmishing over seemingly insignificant and petty things. But one possession can stir the same sort of feelings one has for his or her children: pets. According to … Continue reading

Idaho law voiding living wills for pregnant women is challenged

Some states have a law that voids an advance directive living will for pregnant women, and a group is suing one of them, the state of Idaho. According to Slate, at least nine other states have laws that invalidate advance … Continue reading

New California non-profit wants to help family courts work better for families


Budget cuts, outdated procedures, and unrealized reforms have left families using the California family courts system suffering unnecessarily both financially and emotionally. For a decade, strong recommendations for fundamental change in the family law system have gone unrealized. Family Justice Advocates in … Continue reading