Podcast: Wall, slats, barrier at the border

Blog   |   January 11, 2019

President Trump took his campaign for a wall to the US-Mexico border this week, hoping to drum up support for a $5.7 billion barrier while some federal workers struggle to survive without pay because of the government shutdown. Earlier, the … Continue reading

How Trump’s national security threat to build wall would face legal challenges

Blog   |   January 8, 2019

President Trump says he’s considering inflating what he claims is a crisis into a national emergency so he can find a way to build a wall at the US-Mexico border that Congress has so far refused to fund. The federal … Continue reading

Estate debate: mothers, stepfathers and dead heirs

Blog   |   January 7, 2019

A complicated estate case has one heir wondering whether he should file a petition to be named executor of his stepfather’s will after his mother left everything to the stepfather following her death. The Moneyist at Marketwatch has advice for … Continue reading

Bankruptcy filings drop to 10-year low

Blog   |  

Both consumer and corporate bankruptcy filings are at their lowest point in 10 years, according to a new report by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. The number of new filings has been cut by more than half since 2010, … Continue reading