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Carolyn Abbate

Matrimonial and Family Law
Grenadier, Starace, Duffett & Keisler, P.C.
649 S Washington St
Alexandria, VA 22314-4109
(703) 683-9000

Paul Abraham

Matrimonial and Family Law
3900 Jermantown Rd Ste 220
Fairfax, VA 22030-4900
(703) 865-6100

Shannon Beebe

Workers Compensation and Employment Law
The Spiggle Law Firm, PLLC
4830B 31st Street South
Arlington, VA 22206
(202) 449-8527

Pooja Bhagat

Immigration Law
Bhagat Law Firm
6412 Brandon Ave Ste 273
Springfield, VA 22150-2513
(571) 206-8048

Linda Choe

Matrimonial and Family Law
Hottell Malinowski Group
10486 Armstrong St
Fairfax, VA 22030-3648
(703) 352-5666

Thomas Dance

Top 30 Matrimonial and Family Law
Law Office of Thomas B. Dance, P.C.
3516 Plank Rd Ste 6B
Fredericksburg, VA 22407-6861
(540) 548-3463

Adriana Estevez

Immigration Law
Woehrle Dahlberg Jones Yao, PLLC
10615 Judicial Drive
Suite 102
Fairfax, VA 22191
(703) 829-5179

Whitney Hughes

Matrimonial and Family Law
3900 Jermantown Rd Ste 220
Fairfax, VA 22030-4900
(703) 865-6100

Michael La Fratta

Matrimonial and Family Law
La Fratta Law
1701 W Main St
Richmond, VA 23220-4634
(804) 355-1800

S. Alexander Miller

Immigration Law
Law Office of S. Alexander Miller
933 N. Kenmore Street, Suite 221
Arlington, VA 22201

Matthew J. Yao

Matrimonial and Family Law
Woehrle Dahlberg Jones Yao, PLLC
4120 Leonard Drive
Fairfax,, VA 22030

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