Podcast: Inside Trump’s immigration crackdown

Expedited removal is a law enforcement tool that allows for rapid deportations for undocumented immigrants who are arrested near the US border. The Trump administration wants to expand the program, but opponents say it would give too much power to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. At Reveal by The Center for Investigative Reporting, this podcast breaks down the expedited removal program.

Video: What to know about the end of the DACA

What will “Dreamers” do now that the Trump administration has ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program enacted by his predecessor? Nearly 800,000 people will be affected by Trump’s decision. The Washington Post produced this video that examines the fallout from the end of the DACA.

Why is the government indefinitely detaining a man it cannot deport?

ICE agents immigrationMamadu Balde fled the civil war in Sierra Leone in 1999 seeking asylum in the US. Both the Bush and Obama administrations opposed his application for asylum. When his appeals ran out in 2012, Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained him and held him for more than nine months. But Sierra Leone could not provide proof of his citizenship and refused to accept him. So he was allowed to stay in America, so long as he checked in with ICE agents every six months. But now, Balde is being held in custody again because of “changed circumstances in policy.” Read more about his plight in this story at the ACLU website.

Find out if you could immigrate to the US under RAISE act

immigration and crimePresident Trump is supporting a new “merit-based” immigration bill that could cut in half the number of people who can legally immigrate to the US. The proposed system would rank applicants based on several factors, including a person’s age, education level, ability to speak English and income. The Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act, or RAISE, was introduced by Republican Senators David Perdue and Tom Cotton. However, some experts say it’s unlikely to win Congressional approval. Time magazine has come up with a quiz that evaluates potential immigrants based on the proposed legislation. Would you be allowed to immigrate to the US under the RAISE act? Click here to answer a few questions and find out.

September DACA showdown brewing

undocumented immigrantsOn September 5, the federal government faces a deadline on an ultimatum issued by ten attorneys general over the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration program. The attorneys general are threatening to sue the government if it doesn’t rescind the DACA program. President Trump says he’ll make the final decision over what action the administration takes. CNN has an analysis of the possible repercussions in this story.

The Immigration Effect

How do President Trump’s immigration policies affect the US economy? Trump wants the nation’s economy to grow four percent annually, while his budget assumes three percent growth. The Congressional Budget Office and the Federal Reserve assume a more modest two percent growth. Will limiting immigration work against the administration’s goal? According to an analysis by ProPublica, it will. Read more about ProPublica’s analysis here.

An immigration lawyer with her own immigration lawyer

how the US immigration system worksLizbeth Mateo was sworn in as a lawyer last month, after being an undocumented immigrant for years. ICE agents could arrest her at any moment, even though when the leader of the California State Senate presided over her swearing in, he called her “the embodiment of the American Dream. The New York Times has Mateo’s story.

9th Circuit upholds injunction against Trump’s revised travel ban

how the US immigration system worksOn Monday, a three-judge federal appeals court panel for the Ninth Circuit unanimously upheld a freeze on President Trump’s revised travel ban. The judges ruled that Trump lacked statutory authorization from Congress for his executive order. The text of the ruling is available here. The Washington Post has more on the ruling in this story. The analysis is by Ilya Somin, professor of law at George Mason University.

Where is local law enforcement working with ICE?

US ICE mapAs the controversy over increased ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raids continues, where are local law enforcement agencies working closely with ICE agents? The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) has created a national map to show where local law enforcement is teaming up with ICE agents to find unregistered immigrants. See if your local agencies are helping ICE here.