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Fernando Chavez

The eldest son of legendary workers' rights activist Cesar Chavez, Fernando Chavez is a committed community activist to a family-inherited vision. Chavez is an attorney and community service advocate who has dedicated his career to carrying on his father's legacy of activism through public-interest work.

Chavez is the chairman of the new Latino section at the The Cochran Firm. It is now one of the nation's first plaintiff firms to have bilingual attorneys who can offer services to the Latino community nationwide.

Chavez began his work with his father's organization, the United Farm Workers Union (UFW), as a child. The organization was created to help stop the injustices facing Latino migrant workers. Cesar Chavez saw that migrant workers were abused, paid poorly, and could not succeed unless they formed a united front. The UFW helped to organize and unionize migrant workers, and helped them to get better pay and to have better working conditions. As a result, life for migrant workers is greatly improved, and the lives of many people have been changed for the better.

Fernando Chavez continues to work for social justice, both in his father's legacy, and as the creator of his own. Through his law offices, he helps to make life a better place for those in need, and through the UFW, he continues to create positive social change for many Latinos around the country.