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Nominations for membership

The National Advocates

Do you know someone who could benefit from membership in The National Advocates? We encourage you to nominate co-workers or colleagues who you think would qualify for an invitation. To nominate someone, click here to fill out and submit the … Continue reading

Membership benefits: free Lawline CLE + discount

Have you taken advantage of the discounts available to National Advocates members at Lawline? Members receive a savings of 33% on the Unlimited CLE bundles from Lawline, the nation’s premier provider of online legal educational materials. It only costs $199/year … Continue reading

The endless limbo of life between ICE check-ins

ICE agents immigration

What is life like for undocumented immigrants under the Trump administration? It’s a life of uncertainty, spent living in limbo. Katie McDonough at Fusion has the story of Ravi Ragbir, who’s been in the US since 1991. Find out what … Continue reading

AG Sessions and immigration advocates agree on one thing

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

In remarks made at the US-Mexico border on April 11, Attorney General Jeff Session announced the Justice Department’s renewed commitment to criminal immigration enforcement. There’s actually one area where Sessions and immigration advocates agree: more immigration judges are needed to … Continue reading

Immigrants with attorneys more likely to win

immigration and crime

The nonprofit Center of Popular Democracy reports in a new study that detained immigrants who hire attorneys on their behalf are far more likely to win their cases to stay in the US. However, the report shows that 86 percent … Continue reading

Is it time to consider no-fault divorce?


Should a married couple get divorced if neither person is really to blame for the failure of the marriage? Typically, one spouse (if not both) blames the other for a divorce. But does there need to be a legal reason … Continue reading

New Mexico teachers fight for sick days

A lawsuit filed in New Mexico by a teacher claims the state is punishing teachers who take more than three sick days per year, even though they earn nine days per year in their contracts. Earlier this year, New Mexico … Continue reading

Disabled, or just desperate?

With jobs drying up, some rural Americans are turning to disability to survive. The rising number of those on disability illustrates the widening political, cultural and economic chasm between rural and urban America. Terrence McCoy has more on this phenomenon … Continue reading

What to do when ICE knocks on your door

immigration and crime

The Trump administration’s stepped-up ICE raids on homes and businesses are, understandably, leading to panic, fear and paranoia among undocumented immigrants. So what should you do if ICE agents come knocking at your door? Attorney Dan Ralls has some answers … Continue reading

Should bad legal advice lead to deportation?

Jae Lee, a South Korean native who moved to the US at the age of 13, received lawful permanent resident status but never became an American citizen. Police arrested him in 2009 on felony charges of possession of ecstasy with … Continue reading