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ACLU issues ‘travel advisory’ for Texas


The American Civil Liberties Union has issued a “travel alert” for anyone planning to go to Texas in the near future. The ACLU warns that travelers’ constitutional rights could be violated if stopped by law enforcement. According to the ACLU, … Continue reading

Emigrating from Central America a dangerous journey

Mexico map

What’s it like to leave your home country in Central America and find your way to the United States? It’s a harrowing journey, according to the international medical group Doctors Without Borders. The organization says people leaving the violence-plagued Northern … Continue reading

A former undocumented immigrant talks about experience

undocumented immigrants

As immigrant families continue to live in fear because of the Trump administration’s crackdown, D.C.’s school superintendent talks about her own experiences as an undocumented immigrant. Hanseul Kang didn’t learn she was undocumented until she was 16, when she began … Continue reading

What you need to qualify for the Green Card lottery


May 2, 2017 is the day more than 14 million people will find out of they won the 2018 Green Card lottery, also known as the diversity visa lottery. Of the 14 million who applied, only about 50,000 will be … Continue reading

National Advocates Exec Committee member Mark Geragos files $100M lawsuit over Fyre Festival

Mark Geragos

National Advocates Executive Committee member Mark Geragos has filed a $100 million lawsuit against the disorganized Fyre Festival, Billboard reports. The first of two concert weekends was held last weekend, but collapsed because of poor organization, leaving festival goers feeling … Continue reading

A guide to how the US immigration system works

how the US immigration system works

As you know, the US immigration system is very complex and difficult for some to understand. To help your clients understand the system, the American Immigration Council has published this guide to the US immigration system. It is also available … Continue reading

The criminalization of immigration in the United States

immigration and crime

Studies over the past century have examined the issue of crimes being committed by immigrants, and they have confirmed two truths: immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than natural-born Americans; and high rates of immigration are associated with lower … Continue reading

Author accuses AG of hypocrisy and disinformation on immigration

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Is Attorney General Jeff Sessions contradicting his own earlier statements on immigration? Mark Dow, the author of American Gulag: Inside US Immigration Prisons, says Sessions has misrepresented immigration law. To support his argument, Dow points to Sessions’ time as a … Continue reading

Trump to issue new immigration rules

President Donald Trump

President Trump plans to sign an executive order to make it more difficult for tech companies to hire foreign workers and strengthen rules barring foreign contractors from bidding on government contracts, according to administration sources. Trump is expected to order … Continue reading

Executive Committee Announcements

The National Advocates

The National Advocates is proud to announce the latest additions to its’ Executive Committee. We’d also like to thank all of the members of our Executive Committee for their service on behalf of The National Advocates. Our newest Executive Committee … Continue reading