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How to divorce-proof your business


Business owners who get divorces sometimes put their businesses in jeopardy. It’s possible to save the business in a high-stakes divorce if you take steps early. One common issue is that many business owners often start their marriages with little … Continue reading

More bankruptcies expected if Obamacare repealed


If Congress repeals Obamacare without a replacement, leaving millions without healthcare, some expect a rise in the number of bankruptcies. The number of uninsured is predicted to rise between 10 and 30 million people, depending on whether repeal or repeal … Continue reading

The Immigration Effect

undocumented immigrants

How do President Trump’s immigration policies affect the US economy? Trump wants the nation’s economy to grow four percent annually, while his budget assumes three percent growth. The Congressional Budget Office and the Federal Reserve assume a more modest two … Continue reading

How to reach out for help if you’re in an abusive relationship

Abuse victim

National Advocates members who focus on family law may sometimes encounter clients in abusive relationships. These clients may not know where to turn for help in the difficult situations in which they find themselves. Legal Scoops has a list of … Continue reading

4 benefits from mediating divorces


The traditional path for couples seeking divorce has been either collaboration or litigation. But sometimes a different path may be best: mediation. Legal Scoops lists four reasons why mediation may be a better solution.

An immigration lawyer with her own immigration lawyer

Lizbeth Mateo was sworn in as a lawyer last month, after being an undocumented immigrant for years. ICE agents could arrest her at any moment, even though when the leader of the California State Senate presided over her swearing in, … Continue reading

Judge expands ‘close family’ definition under Trump travel ban

A federal judge in Hawaii ruled late Thursday that the Trump administration’s narrow definition of “close family” should be expanded to include grandparents and other family members. US District Judge Derrick K. Watson also ruled that refugees who had assurances … Continue reading

ICE told to act on all undocumented immigrants they find

ICE agents immigration

The man in charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deportations has ordered agents to take action on any and all undocumented immigrants they encounter. Advocates say this may explain the sharp increase in ICE arrests. ProPublica has details about … Continue reading

Social Security employee fights to keep Medicaid benefits

A Michigan employee of the Social Security Administration with muscular dystrophy is in a legal fight to maintain his benefits. Budget cuts are blamed for cutting benefits to Chris Meadows, who may be forced out of his home as well. … Continue reading

How the Supreme Court could overturn marriage equality

Just two years after the Supreme Court ruled that marriage equality is the law of the land, marriage rights are under assault again in conservative states. But could a change in the high court’s makeup threaten the legality of same-sex … Continue reading