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Sanctuary cities helping immigrants outwit ICE


Shortly after taking office, President Trump signed an executive order threatening to stop federal funding to towns and cities who don’t help the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) round up undocumented immigrants. In response, many mayors of these “sanctuary cities” … Continue reading

Former refugee now fights for immigrants

undocumented immigrants

One of the attorneys who helped thwart President Trump’s travel ban is a former refugee himself who is now fighting for the rights of undocumented immigrants. Luis Mancheno says he’s proud to now be a US citizen, and he’s focused … Continue reading

Texas sued by cities over immigration law


Following the passage of Texas SB4, which challenged sanctuary cities in the Lone Star state, a growing number of municipalities are suing the state, claiming the new law is unconstitutional and a threat to public safety. Texas law enforcement officers … Continue reading

9th Circuit upholds injunction against Trump’s revised travel ban

how the US immigration system works

On Monday, a three-judge federal appeals court panel for the Ninth Circuit unanimously upheld a freeze on President Trump’s revised travel ban. The judges ruled that Trump lacked statutory authorization from Congress for his executive order. The text of the … Continue reading

Where is local law enforcement working with ICE?

US ICE map

As the controversy over increased ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raids continues, where are local law enforcement agencies working closely with ICE agents? The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) has created a national map to show where local law enforcement … Continue reading

5 Hispanic immigrants who succeeded in America

Mexico map

As the number of Hispanic immigrants in American continues to rise, the odds of them finding millionaire-level success in the US continues to decline. However, a recent survey shows that they’re more likely to take chances on starting their own … Continue reading

Does US immigration law enable modern slavery?

ICE agents immigration

American immigration law enables modern slavery by tying workers’ residence status to their employer, argues California immigration lawyer Christopher Lapinig. He argues that the US visa system leaves many immigrants vulnerable to exploitation because it gives their employers leverage. Read … Continue reading

The unintended consequences of Texas’ crackdown on sanctuary cities


A new Texas law penalizes law enforcement personnel who don’t cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Immigrant rights activists are concerned that Texas law enforcement officers will not only engage in racial profiling, but may also place a higher priority on … Continue reading

Make your marketing ready for mobile searches

mobile social media

When a potential new client searches for an attorney, where are they more likely to be — in front of a computer, or using a smartphone? According to the latest research, about 60% of Google searches now come from a … Continue reading

Former judge pleads guilty to Social Security scam

A retired federal judge in Kentucky has changed his plea of innocence to charges that he and a lawyer scammed the government out of approximately $600 million after efforts to dismiss the case were denied. Retired Social Security Judge David … Continue reading