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Trump casts immigrants as dangerous criminals, but evidence shows otherwise

As President Trump continues to label immigrants as dangerous to garner more support for his immigration policy, critics, including civil rights advocates and immigration lawyers, say the administration is distorting the threat. Two reports released in March show that immigrants, … Continue reading

Supreme Court sides with truck drivers over bankruptcy case

Truck drivers in New Jersey won a Supreme Court victory Wednesday after the justices ruled that bankruptcy courts can’t allow certain creditors to jump ahead in the repayment line while leaving others empty handed. The trucking company, Jevic Holding Corp., … Continue reading

New law grads attracted to cutting-edge subjects

Brendan Haberle studied physics in college, but found that doing basic science as a laboratory researcher wasn’t what he wanted to do. After doing some research, Haberle decided that intellectual property law might be a better fit. So he went … Continue reading

Family of science whiz faces crushing expenses after he develops schizophrenia

14-year-old Joey Hudy dazzled President Obama in 2012 with a cannon he created that fired marshmallows (to the dismay of the Secret Service). Later, he invented 3D body scanners, solar-powered computers, and became the youngest-ever intern at Intel. But after … Continue reading

Supreme Court raises the bar for educating students with disabilities

A unanimous Supreme Court decision on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 will raise the bar for millions of disabled children previously denied educational benefits. In what the Washington Post called “one of the most significant special-education cases to reach the high … Continue reading

Can artificial intelligence replace lawyers?

Has artificial intelligence evolved to the point where it can replace attorneys? Not yet, reports The New York Times. But advances in A.I. mean computers are getting smarter all the time. Steve Lohr takes a look in this article.

Beware the Seven Deadly Sins of Attorney Bios

Katherine Hollar Barnard of Firesign addresses the seven deadly sins that you don’t want to make when you post your attorney biography at “Forget flashy advertising, catchy taglines or firm logo Frisbees. The professional biography is the paramount piece … Continue reading

Lawyers Eye King of Pop’s Case for Estate Valuation Answers | Bloomberg BNA

Estate tax attorneys are hoping a U.S. Tax Court case involving the estate of Michael Jackson will clarify for other estates how to properly value a celebrity’s likeness at death for tax purposes. Source: Lawyers Eye King of Pop’s Case … Continue reading

Toshiba asks law firm to advise on potential Westinghouse bankruptcy cost: sources

Toshiba Corp has asked a Japanese law firm to help estimate the potential financial impact if it decides its U.S. nuclear unit Westinghouse should file for Chapter 11 protection from creditors, sources with knowledge of the matter said. Source: Toshiba … Continue reading

‘Ruff’ justice: Supreme Court rules for disabled girl, service dog

The proverb “every dog has its day” came true at the Supreme Court Wednesday for the family of a 13-year-old girl with cerebral palsy and her goldendoodle, Wonder. Source: ‘Ruff’ justice: Supreme Court rules for disabled girl, service dog