Appeals court to decide if immigrant children get court-appointed attorneys

Blog   |   December 11, 2018

Eleven federal appeals court judges have heard testimony in a lawsuit over whether undocumented children have the right to a government-paid lawyer. Lawyers for an immigrant minor who was unrepresented in immigration hearings argue that the Fifth Amendment guarantees the … Continue reading

Asylum claims jump nearly 70% in 2018

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Despite the Trump administration’s tougher immigration policies, the Department of Homeland Security says the number of migrants seeking asylum in the US along the border with Mexico went up nearly 70% from 2017 to 2018, according to CNN. You may … Continue reading

Disabled senior swindled out of savings by son

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An 81-year-old disabled senior is seeking advice after signing over his life savings to his son, who he says is refusing to return the money. In a letter to The Moneyist at Marketwatch, the man says he financially supported his … Continue reading

Podcast: How millennials and the gig economy affect workers’ comp

Blog   |   December 6, 2018

Next year, the number of millennials in the US is expected to be greater than the number of Baby Boomers. The following year, the number of Americans working for themselves is supposed to triple, with millennials making up 42% of … Continue reading