Podcast: California’s sanctuary law at center of fierce immigration debate

Blog   |   October 18, 2018

Municipalities in California are being pitted against one another after a state law went into effect earlier this year limiting how much local law enforcement can cooperate with ICE agents. SB54, or the California Values Act, makes the entire state … Continue reading

What Is A Divorce Coach And Why Do You Need One?

Blog   |   October 4, 2018

It used to be a coach was just somebody who helped you get better at a sport.  But these days there are all types of coaches – physical fitness coaches, life coaches, marriage coaches, relationship coaches – and even divorce … Continue reading

Jeff Sessions’ hurried justice for immigrants

Blog   |   October 1, 2018

Immigration court isn’t like other courts in our country. They’ve long been criticized for the lack of due process, including the fact that defendants, even children, can’t get court-appointed lawyers. Perhaps the biggest difference is that immigration judges are actually … Continue reading

Podcast: Controversy over AMA Guides

Blog   |  

The sixth edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment is causing some to question its reliability. The guide is used in workers’ compensation cases to rate the level of impairment. In this edition of Workers Comp … Continue reading